The Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake

Ready to Salivate? One....two.....three.....and salivating commence!

Most recently, I have been going through an intense CRAZE for baking.
Cheesecake, banana chocolate chip bread, and now....CUPCAKES!

Not only do I love cupcakes, but I'm such a chocolate fanatic. I am obsessed, especially at night.
So, of course, I wanted to search for the best chocolate cupcake recipe out there, and I stumbled on this magic:


Isn't it glorious? That's what I thought.

So I looked at the webpage and apparently a blessed woman named Amy Hendricks created this little piece of heaven.
She submitted her cupcakes for tasting to 50.....FIFTY.....50 different test bakers until they came to a conclusion for the most delicious chocolate cupcake.
After 7 rounds of testing the cupcakes and 69 different cupcake recipes, they found the winner!!!



Here are some of the test bakers opinions about the winning recipe:

"Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate is the only way to describe the taste in my mouth. Sweetness is perfect. Cake is not dry. Cake practically melts in my mouth. It’s impossible to take one bite of cake. After one taste, my mouth wants more. Delicious. The ultimate chocolate cupcake."

"I am usually the one who likes the frosting the best.  I was pleasantly surprised on the taste of the cupcake.  It had a nice chocolate taste and was not overpowering.  The flavor was so good it didn’t really even need any frosting."

"I have participated in all seven rounds of the cupcake experiment, and I will even admit I have labeled past trials as “perfect” and as The Ultimate; however, THIS IS IT.  THIS IS THE ONE.  If others don’t agree, so be it, but this is the one for me.  I will more than likely not continue the process because I simply can not imagine a chocolate cupcake that tops this version.  Everything about it was, for lack of a better word, PERFECT!"


Without further ado, here's the magic!

For more of her delicious recipes and such, click here 


Enjoy these sinfully delicious cupcakes! 



With love,


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