Thanksgiving Goodies

T-minus TWO DAYS until Turkey Day!! Whoooooop!!

Who else is excited???!!

Here at Simply Wrappers, we take care of our loyal customers, so I'm here to offer you all a public service announcement.....

By overeating your Thanksgiving dinner, your tummy may not be able to handle the scrumptious, mouth watering dessert that is laid out ever so nicely on the kitchen counter.

The apple crumb pie, shiny pumpkin pie, the sweet and textured pecan pie, and most importantly....THE NUTTER BUTTER TURKEY CUPCAKES!

They are so cute and festive, it's impossible to look at them without grabbing for one!

Make sure to save room for the desserts....or you'll be very, very sorry.

Now, to get down to business, here is the delicious Nutter Butter Turkey Cupcakes!
It'll also be fun for the kids to help you assemble the cupcakes with the Nutter Butter turkeys! 
You all will have so much fun together making them, and then gobbling them up afterwards.




  • One box of your favorite cake mix
  • Chocolate frosting
  • Candy Corn
  • Nutter Butter cookies
  • M&Ms, Reese's Pieces, Dots, Tic-Tacs or other Orange Candy
  • Wilton Candy eyes (Or other candy eyes)
  • Red licorice 



  • Bake the cupcakes as told to by the box
  • Allow your cupcakes to cool. Make sure they are cool to the touch. 
  • Then frost them with the chocolate frosting

  • While the cupcakes cool, assemble the Nutter Butter turkeys!
    Use a dab of white frosting to attach the eyes, orange candy nose, and red licorice wattle to the turkey.


  • Press about six candy corn candies along the back curve of the cupcake for the turkey's feathers.

  • Lastly, gently press the Nutter Butter into the cupcake, and voila!


Not so hard, but so, so fun!!

Don't forget the finishing touch!!

Wrap your turkeys with our Autumn Leaves Cupcake Wrappers for an even more festive Thanksgiving feel!



Enjoy your holiday!!

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