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4 Reasons to Serve Cupcakes at Your Wedding


Looking for a unique personal touch for an upcoming wedding? It seems everyone is these days. Most people gravitate toward a fancy dress for the bride or a fun song for the first dance, and these are great, but can we get outside the box a little more?

At Simply Wrappers, we sure can. We offer one of the largest collections of custom wedding cupcake wrappers around, all purchased through our simple and convenient online system.

This is a big jump for some people – the cake is a big part of wedding tradition, after all. But there are several reasons cupcakes make sense over a typical wedding cake. Here are a few:

Multiple Flavors

The worst part of a traditional wedding cake? Only one flavor! Maybe (hopefully) the bride and groom can agree on a flavor they like, but will every single guest feel the same way? It’s unlikely, to say the least.

Cupcakes solve that problem, and allow you virtually unlimited flavor flexibility. You can accommodate allergies, or any particular guests. Add in some custom cupcake liners from Simply Wrappers and it’s a creative no-brainer, really.


Who hasn’t seen a painful-to-watch YouTube video of someone dropping an expensive, four-story wedding cake all over the ground? That won’t ever happen with cupcakes – they’re much easier to transport from start to finish, including the period they have to spend in someone’s car. Even if an accident does happen, it’s likely you’re only ruining a small percentage of the cupcakes, rather than an entire cake.

Ease of Serving

Cupcakes are also much easier to serve to guests – most guests will be able to serve themselves, in fact. There’s no need to go through the process of cutting a cake (some venues even charge money for this). Yet another thing you don’t have to worry about on your special day.

Individual Decorations

Cupcakes offer many more personalization options than cakes, from the icing and color designs to the custom wedding cupcake liners provided by Simply Wrappers. You could write a message to special guests, or put a unique design on every individual cupcake. The options are virtually limitless.

Ready to make the jump from a wedding cake to wedding cupcakes? Simply Wrappers is ready to serve this and all your custom cupcake wrapper needs. Contact us today.
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