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Thanksgiving!!! Nomnomnomnomnom.

Let's all give thanks for Thanksgiving!!!
Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, yams, and PIEEEEEEEEE!!!

Here at Simply Wrappers, we all LOVE pie! 
But why not try and spice it up a bit?


It's the perfect mix. You can't deny it!
Apple pie + cupcake = HEAVEN.

So either follow this link or read on for the mouth-watering recipe!




The expert cupcake makers have given 2 helpful hints: 
1) Take a shortcut and use canned apple pie filling!
2) Instead of using whipped cream, go ahead and use your favorite ice cream or your favorite flavor of buttercream frosting.

How amazing! 
Now before you can rush to your kitchens and aprons, 

Don't forget to order some autumn wrappers for the much needed finishing touch!

We have a gorgeousss beyond gorgeous design! Our Autumn leaves wrappers are better than anything you will find!


Now go ahead! Run off and make these cupcakes!!
Give it a test run and just see how your tongue rolls out of your mouth with just the smell of these.
You'll be the most popular person this Thanksgiving if you bring these cupcakes to your gathering, we guarantee it!



Thanks for stopping by!



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