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Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day Party

Simply Wrappers is your first stop for accessorizing anytime you’re throwing a themed holiday party, and there’s a big one around the corner. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and we’re here with our themed cupcake liners to help accentuate the style of your party.

Whether it’s for a group of adult friends or simply a fun way to get the kids and a few of their crushes all in the same place, you want your Valentine’s themed party to go off splendidly. Here are a few tips for making that happen.


Firstly, you’ll want to pick your theme. This is your baseline for the rest of the party, the basis around which all other decisions are made. Keep a careful eye to your audience – nothing too racy if it’s a bunch of high-schoolers! Your theme defines how you’ll decorate outside, inside and throughout areas like the dining room. A few fun theme ideas, in case you’re coming up blank:

  • Affair of the Heart
  • Cupcake Tasting Party (perfectly complemented by Simply Wrappers custom cupcake liners)
  • Celebrate the Single Life (for a group of mostly men or women)
  • Truth or Dare Affair (if appropriate)
  • Valentine’s Day for Kids


Once you have your theme, personalize the event in your own way. Our special cupcake liners are a great start, and this can extend to everything from invitations to party favors. Maybe you make a photo booth conducive to your theme, or maybe you create a themed sign-in board for everyone to enjoy. The options are virtually limitless.


No party is complete without a few great activities. If it’s a younger crowd, truth-or-dare type games can be fun if they’re kept appropriate. There are games both for couples- and singles-themed parties, or the intellectual crowd might enjoy a “history of Valentine’s Day” segment during the proceedings. If everyone is up for it, you can even make a party out of a day of romantic Valentine’s movies.

No matter what your choice, Simply Wrappers is here to accentuate the big day. For questions on Valentine’s Day designs or any of our custom cupcake liner products, talk to our friendly staff today.
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6 Tips for Planning a Labor Day Party

Are you getting ready to host an end-of-summer party this Labor Day weekend? The day is fast approaching, so use these tips to start planning your shindig:

  • Rent a Space. Many hosts and hostesses feel the only way to host a Labor Day party is by having it at their home. However, you can host a party at a park, hotel or other rented space. This makes it easier to get ready for the party because you don’t have to clean your home and yard.
  • Make it a Potluck. Does making a ton of food intimidate you? Take away some of the stress by asking your guests to bring a side dish or dessert to share. Then you only have to worry about providing the main meal.
  • Pick a Theme. Decorating and picking food may be easier if you have a theme to work with. Having a ‘red, white and blue’ theme or another patriotic theme may be a good idea.
  • Choose a Menu: If you want to make everything on your own, you need to know what to cook. Labor Day is often the day to grill out, so consider picking items that can be made on the grill, such as chicken, steak, hot dogs, brats, cheeseburgers, mushrooms, asparagus and cabbage.
  • Focus on the Dessert: For some parties, dessert is the most important part. If you want a dessert that can match any theme, you should consider the cupcake. This is a great party dessert because you can find cute wrappers, and you don’t have to worry about cutting it.
  • Keep Bugs Away. You can spray your yard before the party to keep bugs away. You may also want to use tiki torches, candles and bug wipes to help reduce the number of pesky bugs at your party.

  • No matter how many people you’re going to have at your Labor Day party, you need to make sure to have food and decorations to make it a day to remember.

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    Gobble Gobble!

    Hey there, folks!

    Thanksgiving is inching its way into our hearts with each and every passing day.
    So...what are you gonna do about it?!

    You can either sit there and slowly but surely await the pending arrival of the splendid day, ORRRR you can....BAKE BAKE BAKE!!

    Get your house in the Thanksgiving spirit (if you haven't already), put up some decorations, do some crafts with the kids, display everything all over the house, and top it all off with some delicious cupcakes!

    Here's an idea, why not bake some cupcakes now, and some for after Thanksgiving dessert?

    I'm not saying to replace the pie...that's just un-American. 
    Just simply add some cupcakes to the mix! It's such a great twist to the traditional Thanksgiving way.

    Surprise your family with some scrumptious cupcakes after dinner. No one will be expecting it, and you'll be the belle of the ball!

    Here at Simply Wrappers, we have come prepared.

    Here is the recipe and directions for making these delicious cupcakes! Now read on and HAVE SOME FUN!

    Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes


    • Cupcakes from your favorite box of cupcake mix - Tops flattened and with a light slather of frosting on top
    • Chocolate frosting - for the slather talked about previously
    • Oreo Cookies
    • Whoppers
    • Miniature Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
    • Candy Corn
    • Assorted Icing - yellow, white and red (the pre-filled frosting tubes you can buy at the store are really great)


    • Follow the cupcake directions on the box and pop those babies in the oven! You could also use your own favorite recipe from scratch! We'll let you decide.
    In the meantime, start making your turkeys!
    • Grab an Oreo and put a little bit of chocolate frosting in the middle - this is just to make the candy corn pieces stick a little better
    • Start Stuffing the Candy Corn! 
    • Put a dab of frosting on the bottom end of the Oreo to allow it to stick to the bottom, or base cookie. (Place them next to a wall so they can dry and keep their shape)                   
    • Now, unwrap a peanut butter cup and cut a sliver off of one end. Place the cup upside down and cut the sliver off in a sawing motion.
    • Once the cookies are ready, flip them over and place a little frosting on the top of the PB cup to secure it to the cookie. 
    • With the turkeys in the same position, glue a Whopper on there with some frosting on the whopper and on the peanut butter cup.
    • After that, put two yellow frosting dots on for the eyes, and for the pupil, you can use a dab of chocolate frosting or a mini chocolate chip, or even a sprinkle.
    • Fort he beak, add a dab of yellow frosting with a smaller dab of white frosting on top.
    • Leave them here for 5 to 10 minutes to solidify.


    • Once dry, you can flip them over and add yellow feet!!

    • Once the cupcakes are out of the oven, let them cool until they are cool to the touch.
    • Slather on a thin layer of chocolate icing.
    • After that, carefully place your turkey on top of the cupcake.

    Aaaaaaand.....Voila!!! You have done it!!


    MOST IMPORTANTLY: Don't forget to add the best finishing touch!!

    Pair your turkey cupcakes with our Brownie Dark Brown Cupcake Wrappers! You will, without a doubt, send off your family and friends in a cupcake frenzy afterwards!



    Thanks for stopping by!!

    It's Halloweeeeeeeen!

    Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!

    Don't you just love this holiday?? 
    Getting all dressed up, pretending to be something crazy or someone that you aren't, and getting free candy from all of your neighbors?
    Think about it. How crazy is that?! On one day out of the year, we get to go to our neighbors' houses, or even strangers' houses, and ask for free candy.


    What better way to celebrate the lives we live and to spread happiness??!
    I know. A HALLOWEEN BASH! 
    A "THE MONSTER MASH" themed Halloween party!!

    You can make the party big by inviting all of your friends, or small and just have it with your hunny and kids!

    Go ahead! Throw a fun party, with games and awesome festivities, and end it by gathering around the TV and watching "Halloweentown". C'mon. It's a true Disney Channel classic! Your kids will thank you for it, believe me.

    And of course.....DO NOT FORGET THE CUPCAKES! You would ruin Halloween without them. 
    And here at Simply Wrappers, we have just the ticket!

    Frankie Cupcakes





    BUT WAITTTTT!!! You CANNOT forget the key to the ENTIRE recipe!! 

       Halloween Medley Cupcake Wrappers

    Trick or Treat Spiderweb Cupcake Wrappers

            Vampire Bats Cupcake Wrappers

    Make sure to grab some of these spooky wrappers to wrap Frankenstein up with! 

    Happy Halloween!



    Celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day!

    Hello cupcake lovers!

    I remember way back when, when I was a itty bitty kindergartner, learning about the remarkable Johnny Appleseed.
    That was almost 20 years ago, and I STILL remember it!!
    What a lasting impression my teacher left by teaching me about this inspirational man.

    If you're a teacher, parent, aunt or uncle, celebrate September 26th and teach the children around you the story of the American hero Johnny Appleseed!

    After you're done teaching them about him, have a glorious Apple Strudel cupcake, with real bits of apple inside them!

    Amaretto Apple Strudel Cupcakes



    If you do not want to use amaretto, substitute it for 1/2 teaspoon almond extract.

    You will NOT regret taking the time to make these. They're so light and fluffy, you'll lose count of how many you have!
    And, even better, they're light on the calories!
    It's a win-win situation here, people!


    Don't forget to pair your cupcakes with any of our gorgeous cupcake wrappers!

    Red Chevron Cupcake Wrappers

    Glitter Green Grass Sparkly Cupcake Wrapper

    Leaf Green Polka Dot Cupcake Wrapper

    Pastel Blue Swirls Cupcake Wrapper


    Thanks for stopping by!


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    Calling All Banana Lovers!!

    Hello readers!

    Guess what???

    TOMORROW is National Banana Lovers Day!!

    So to commemorate this festive and important day, here is one marveloussss recipe for some scrumptious banana cupcakes!

    Now, I doubt I even have to tell you all this, but seeing as there are bananas in this recipe, that means these are healthy cupcakes. RIGHT?! ;)
    So you have no excuse but to get home, put on those lounging pants and get to baking to get in your serving of fruit for the day.
    You want to stay healthy, right?! Then these are the cupcakes for you!

    Gina's Banana Cupcakes



    Don't forget to pair your delicious cupcakes with our Dandelion Yellow or our Glitter Yellow Sunshine cupcake wrappers! You won't regret it!

    In addition to National Banana Lovers Day, tomorrow also happens to be Thoughtful Thursday, so how about baking up a batch of banana cupcakes for your friend or  your neighbor? Sound like a plan?

    Thanks for reading!

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    Easter Bunny Cupcakes!

    Happy Easter, everybody!

    Don't you love this time of year? Everything is beginning to bloom, the smell of flowers in the air with the sun shining and birds chirping!
    Taking a walk outside just brings a smile to your face!

    What better way to celebrate this Easter holiday than with gorgeous and delicious bunny cupcakes?!

    Aren't they DARLING?!

    Here is how to make these cute-tastic cupcakes!
    For even further instruction, go here to the source.

    1) Go ahead and cut and bake some regular cookies from any recipe! You can find a Vanilla Butter cookie recipe here
    Use a bunny face cookie cutter to cut your cookies. We'll be cutting off the ears once they are baked. Click here for a great cookie cutter!

    2) Once they are baked, cut off the ears of the cookie.

    3) Let the cookies cool. Once they are cool, use this recipe for stiff royal icing to "glue" a toothpick or 1/2 a Popsicle stick to the cookie.
    Apply the icing and attach the toothpick or popsicle stick and wait for it to dry. This may take overnight, if you have the time. Otherwise, keep an eye on it and if it is really stiff, press on!

    4) Next, once it's dry, it's time to decorate!! All you need is white icing and pink icing. That's it!!
    So, get your white icing, and with a #3 tip, outline the bunny ears and fill them in! Once that's done, fill in the middle of the ears with the pink icing, while the icing is still wet!
    After that, play a little bit of the waiting game for the icing to dry. 
    If possible, let them dry overnight.

    5) In the meantime of all the waaaaaiiiiiitttttiingggggg......let's do what we love! BAKE SOME CUPCAKES!!
    Pick your favorite recipe to bake! It's that easy! Bake the cupcakes and we'll be all set and ready to go.
    If you need a recipe, try this recipe for Vanilla cupcakes.

    6) After the icing for the bunny ears has dried, it's time to construct!
    Take the cupcakes you magnificently baked, and ice the top of them with some white frosting. 
    Here's a recipe for some delicious white frosting:


    Oh, DO NOT ADD FOOD COLORING to the icing, unless you want a green bunny rabbit! 

    7) After you have iced the cupcakes, stick on your bunny ears!!

    8) Now for the bunny face! Use small, black sugar pearls for the bunny's eyes and a pink candy bead for the nose! 

    Look how cute!

    9) Last, but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, add a finishing touch with our Easter Egg Hunt cupcake wrappers or our Happy Easter cupcake wrappers for that extra little kick!
    Or, if you're feeling like you want to go with a solid color, try out our Celery Light Green cupcake wrappers or our Light Yellow cupcake wrappers.



    For help, watch this video to see how you can finish off your cupcakes with perfection!



    Stop by the store to check out all of the amazing cupcake wrappers we have to offer! With even more of an Easter selection!




    Red Velvet Valentine's Day Cupcakes

    Hello Again!

    With Valentine's Day just around the corner, what are YOU going to get your significant other?!
    Looking for something special? Something to make her happy and surprised? Try out these delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes from scratch!

    What a neat way to say "I love you" to your sweetheart, while saving some money on the side.
    Take her out to dinner and bring her home to this delectable desert, surely to knock her off her feet!

    Women love nothing more than things that come from the made from scratch cupcakes!
    And men....there's a reason why they say "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" ;). 

    Without further ado, here it is!


    Chef John's Red Velvet Cupcakes



    Pair these cupcakes with our "I Love You" Valentine cupcake wrappers or our "Love Hearts" cupcake wrappers for a more finished and complete look!



    Thanks for stopping by!

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    It's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

    Here at Simply Wrappers, we get excited for ALLLL holidays! Just love 'em!

    For you parents, teachers, leaders, etc. out there, there's a neat little lesson I have come across that is perfect for today!

    1) Show this picture of m&ms to the children

    2) Ask them what the picture is showing. Ask them to describe what they see.

    3) Ask them if they've ever had this delicious treat before. Of course they have ;)

    4) Explain that these m&ms are all different colors, but on the inside, they are all the same.
    Just like us. We all come in different shapes, sizes, AND COLORS. But on the inside, we are all the same.

    5) Then explain who Martin Luther King Jr. is and why we celebrate today.


    Either along with this lesson, or just for fun, make some cupcakes with this delicious recipe.
    Make sure to add our Black Sparkly or our Black Polka Dots wrappers for a finished look!
    Instead of sprinkles, top these scrumptious cupcakes with the m&ms from the lesson (Or just eat them...whatever).





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