Throwing a Themed Party

As the winter season rolls in, there are plenty of reasons to host a party. From festive holidays to seasonal get-togethers, there’s always a good excuse to celebrate something this time of year.

With all the potential special occasions out there, themed parties can be a great way to keep everyone in the spirit. At Simply Wrappers, our themed cupcake wrappers can set the tone for a dazzling and colorful themed event. From birthdays to holidays to a number of more specific themes, our selection of high quality custom cupcake wrappers is second to none.

We can help you get your template going, and here are a few other tips for planning the perfect themed party.

Color Up

Once you’ve picked a theme for your party, consistent colors are a great way to hammer it home. Pick colors that complement each other – red and green for Christmas or pink and white for Valentine’s Day, for instance.

From there, look to infuse your color scheme into every area possible. Everything from food plates to wall decorations can match, and special cupcake wrappers from Simply Wrappers are just another way to impress your guests with consistent colors.


Will your party be at home, or elsewhere? Both can have benefits.

Parties at home can be easier from a planning standpoint, because you don’t need to transport a ton of items between locations. It can also be cheaper in many cases, and doing it at home allows you to start preparing earlier.

Outside venues come with fewer cleaning concerns, however, and can hold major space advantages for larger parties. Be sure to think through details when deciding on your location.

Plan Shopping

Shopping for supplies can be a difficult and expensive process if you’re not prepared. If you need several items, it’s best to plan things out in advance so you aren’t panicking late.

At Simply Wrappers, we set the standard for ease of online shopping. Search products by color, event or design, and customize high quality cupcake wrappers to set the tone for the rest of your themed party.


Once the party is off the ground, keep your guests engaged with fun, themed activities. Christmas party? Plan a Secret Santa in advance. Superhero party for the kids? Get them the proper toys and cover up the picture frames on the walls. It’s up to you to gauge your guests and come up with fun ways to keep them entertained.

Ready to throw your themed party? Simply Wrappers is here to help, with custom themed cupcake wrappers available in the highest quality. Contact us today.
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