Tips for Throwing the Perfect Christmas Party

 It’s nearly that time of year again. Yep, you guessed it – it’s time to host the yearly Christmas party!

As we enter this festive season, Simply Wrappers is here to set the standard for all your party needs. Our themed cupcake liners are perfect for all parties, and our special line of Christmas cupcake wrappers makes picking your theme and color scheme a breeze.

We’ve got your cupcake needs handled, but what about the rest of the party? Here are a few complimentary tips from us for throwing the perfect holiday get-together.


The invitations you send are guests’ first introduction to your party world, and as such they’re very important. You’ll want to already have consulted with Simply Wrappers to get your color scheme worked out before invites go out – standardizing across the board is a great way to impress your guests.

Once that’s decided, get those invites out in advance! At least two weeks ahead is usually good, and maybe more. Everyone makes plans early for the holiday season, and there’s nothing worse than sending out your invitations too late and getting few RSVPs for something you’ve worked hard on. For the technologically inclined, evites are a good option.


No Christmas party is complete without a couple fun games. White Elephant gift exchanges are a fun staple, and group games like Pictionary or Charades are great ways to keep everyone in the group involved and having fun. Games can also further your party’s theme – don’t hesitate to warn guests and ask them to bring a few important game-related items if this will be a big part of your theme.


Whether or not you’re doing a White Elephant or any other kind of gift exchange between guests, a party favor here or there for guests is a welcoming way to entertain. Maybe it’s a special nut mix or a fun dessert, or maybe you create little personalized name tags for every individual guest that they can take home. As is always the case this time of year, it’s the thought that matters more than any individual cost or flashiness.

A Well-Dressed Table

Finally, nothing sets the tone for a perfect Christmas party like a full, well-dressed dinner table. Your custom cupcake liners from Simply Wrappers are just one part of a decoration agenda that could include everything from silverware to candles, and this is your best chance to show off your color scheme and impress your guests with an elegant presentation.

Ready to host the big Christmas party this year? We’re ready to help. At Simply Wrappers, our special cupcake liners are perfect for all special occasions. Our friendly customer service staff is awaiting your call.
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